Complete the sentences with COME or GO
1)You and your friend are in the classroom You say,»Lets to the gym »
2))You and your friend are in the street You say,»I*d like to to the sweet shop »
3)You are in the house Your friend is in the street You say,» in and have a cup of tea with me»
4)Your friend is in his/her house You are at home You say,» to my place,i have a wonderful video to watch »
5)You are at home Your mother is at work You say,»When will you home,mum »
6)You and your mother are at home You say,»I*m not out tonight I*m staying at home «

  • 1) Go
    2) Come
    3) Come
    4) Go
    5) Go
  • 1 go, 2 go, 3 come, 4 come, 5 come, 6 go