написать сочинение по английскому, на тему о субкультуре готов

  • The concept of » subculture » has appeared recently : it is in todays society, where everyone can realize their potential as he wants , when there are hardly any restrictions on self-expression , to express their opinion and realize their creative energy, it is now becoming visible subculture feature of any society in many countries of the world. Also this phenomenon , except that predisposes dusty objective eye view of sociologists , is no less emotional reactions — a move hobbies and approval until a sharp categorical condemnation. Of course , the uniqueness of thought can not be here , and time has shown that it is hardly possible sided evaluation of some social phenomenon. However, the question of interest to many subcultures . Subculture — is the kind of education within society, which does not contradict the basic values of the dominant culture, and in some way complements or transforms them , ie in their own accents . So scientists think . But , thinking about subcultures , from a scientific approach to me the only remains that the quote » close to the text of » scientific definition and throw himself into his own pilgrimage — unscientific — observations and comments. Subcultures can be based on many — a musical hobbies, for example. Can unite adherents of a particular political system or a social ideology. Most often, the representatives of the subculture become teenagers . This is understandable: they want to feel the support of like-minded people , make new friends , do not feel lonely in their views , experiences and interests . In my understanding, a subculture is a very positive social phenomenon . But as you know , every coin has a flip side . Sometimes I think that becoming a supporter of a certain group of people like stop , preserved in its development : they are no longer looking for , do not change, and staying within the thoughts and beliefs comrades. Miraculously, when a man finds his own mind , its own inherent only to him, outlook on life, but this is not common. I believe that among the subcultures so almost never happens. It was possible , giving proper own passion , still remain a neutral party : becoming an active member of the group , a person not only find like-minded friends and relatives (although not guaranteed , even as youre lucky) , and moving away from other people , from other » philosophies .»