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  • Around my city to the many forests. In the city there are large beautiful parks and gardens. Very often you can see squirrels.

    In autumn we with mum walked in the Botanical garden. Look, what a beauty! — suddenly stopped me and my mother. It was autumn, the leaves are already circled. Thin twigs on top of a large tree rapidly moved protein. Pulling the thin red body fluffing tail, she easily jumping from one branch to another, from one tree to another. It seemed that he cannot endure, will fall. Nothing of the kind!

    Easy going down to the ground, she ran to the trough. They hung up caring people. Here they leave seeds, bread crumbs for birds and small animals. I held his breath. She was very close. Village on the back paws, and in front clamped found nut. She was very fluffy, ore, and tail is slightly lighter and slightly grayish. The ears brushes. Big dark eyes squirrel looking right at me. Instant — boom and she ran to the trunk of the oak was once again on the top.

    But in her movements skill and beauty! Squirrels in the garden used to people and take a treat sometimes just from the palms. Mom said next time we will not forget the little nuts for forest beauties